St Cecilia’s new playground, where friendships flourish

Catholic Early EdCare services provide children with plenty of opportunities to explore, discover and connect outdoors.

Looking after your family’s wellbeing at Christmas

Centacare's specialist family and relationship care practitioners offer some tips to help you combat end of year stress and look after your family's wellbeing at Christmas.

How to support children with change

Major milestones such as the move from kindergarten to prep mean many new experiences for you and your child. Here are four things you can do to support your child with change.

Four things to look for when choosing a kindergarten for your child

Finding a high-quality early education program, with plenty of opportunities for your child to freely explore, discover and connect with the world will give them a great foundation for life.

Healthy benefits of outdoor play for children

Catholic Early EdCare services provide children with plenty of opportunities to explore, discover and connect in the outdoors.

Exploring shared culture part of everyday at kindergarten

Whether it’s through play, art, song, stories or daily rituals, our educators are led by the natural interests of children, to know more about Australia's First Nation's history, culture and language in ways that are meaningful for them.

Under Eights Week highlights strong community connections

Under Eights Week highlights strong community connections as schools and services came together to celebrate play.

The Speedy Sloth, National Simultaneous Storytime 2023

Children from Catholic Early EdCare services have joined millions of students and teachers across the country to read ‘The Speedy Sloth’, as part of 2023 National Simultaneous Storytime. 

Our Lady of the Rosary Kindergarten exceeding

A multi-level outdoor play area and a program that supports sustainable practices has helped earn Our Lady of the Rosary Kindergarten at Kenmore an ‘exceeding’ rating under the National Quality Framework.

New 2023 Kindergarten Funding

Understanding how the new Queensland Government funding can make kindergarten more affordable and more accessible for families.

Gatton children discover power of gratitude

Our Lady of Good Counsel Kindergarten and Outside School Hours Care services work together to help children grow spiritually and discover the power of gratitude.

How kindergarten runs in long day care

Both sessional kindergarten and long day care kindergarten provide the same approved kindergarten program, delivered by qualified early childhood teachers, but long day care kindergarten comes with some unique advantages.

Celebrating inclusion during Book Week

During book week, we are celebrating differences by dressing up as Bear who has been diagnosed with ASD and his mother wrote a children’s book about his experiences.

Practicing care and kindness

The children’s story, ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ has inspired a kindness project in kindergarten prompting children to consider how their words and actions impact others.

Preparing for prep – kindergarten 2021

The first five years of a child’s life are a critical time in their development and what they learn in kindergarten will help them flourish through their prep and primary school education.

A brand new hub for St Joseph’s Kindergarten + Outside School Hours Care

A lot of excitement in the year as the team prepares to move into their new space ready to create new and engaging learning experiences for the children

Focusing on connection and routine

Connection, routine and wellbeing, the focus for Catholic Early EdCare kindergartens during at home learning.

Worry dolls to share our concerns with

In this article we explore how some of our kindergarten services are helping children develop tactics to cope with the anxiety they may experience through a stressful situation.