Providing children with age appropriate ways to understand and practice Catholic values, including care and kindness, is a key part of our programs.

The children’s story, ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ has inspired a kindness project in kindergarten prompting children to consider how their words and actions impact others.

The story explains that we all carry invisible buckets which hold our good thoughts and feelings about ourselves.  A full bucket makes you feel happy and good, while an empty bucket makes you feel sad and lonely.

The children have learnt when they do something kind for another person, or someone does something kind for them, it fills their bucket.  It’s great to be a bucket filler.  But, if they do something, which upon reflection is seen as unkind, then this dips into someone’s bucket. By treating everyone around us with love, kindness and respect we continue to be bucket fillers.

To better understand how our invisible buckets work the children have been making their own kindness buckets and potions.  Mixing joy, love, gentleness and peace the children made a kindness potion and placed it in a kindy friends bucket if their friend was feeling down, to thank their friend for doing something nice for them or to show them how much they care about them.

The children have inspired those around them with the way they have embraced bucket filling and have continued to remember the importance of treating one another with care and kindness.  They encourage us all to reflect on whether we are filling other people’s buckets with our words and actions.

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