Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Our vision for reconciliation.

At Catholic Early EdCare we celebrate diversity and provide opportunities for children to understand, celebrate and show respect for First Nation’s histories, knowledge systems, culture and languages. As part of our reconciliation journey, we are implementing our second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), alongside our partner organisations in the Archdiocese of Brisbane.


View our 2023-2025 Reconciliation Action Plan


Shara Delaney, a descendant of the Noonuccal, Ngugi and Goenpul clan groups of Quandamooka is the artist behind our RAP artwork. Shara shares the story behind the artwork: 

“This artwork represents the Archdiocese of Brisbane as the face of the Catholic Church of South East Queensland. My design shows the journey of faith, which is guided by the Spirit. It is depicted where the blue meets the green, and that main path represents the journey of faith which is heading towards the centre. It’s the spirit figure that is guiding them. The main circle also represents the Archdiocese of Brisbane’s community as a whole. From the centre, it branches out to the smaller circles to support and stay connected to the vulnerable in our communities. The white dots are the healing power (coming from the Spirit) which is highlighted throughout the design. I have placed the smaller circles to represent different people throughout the community and to be seen as inclusive. The little figure in the smaller circles are my interpretation of a person, using Aboriginal symbols. The black lines that flow in the background represent spreading the Good News simply and effectively. I really enhanced the main circle with layers and dots, to express governance structures and systems in bright colours as being responsive and innovative.” 

Our Acknowledgment of Country

Catholic Early EdCare acknowledges the occupation and care of the land, waterways and sea by Traditional Custodians and their continual cultural connection to Country as expressed through their history, music, language, songs, art and dancing. We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as having the oldest continuing cultures on the planet.