Confidence comes when the things that are important to us are respected. So our educators will get to know your child and give them every opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace.

We will also acknowledge and respect your child’s efforts so they know it’s okay to make mistakes and feel comfortable engaging in play which supports their growth. What’s important to your child is important to us, which is why we adapt our programs and play spaces to suit the needs and interests of each child.

Becoming prep ready

Our centres take advantage of their close proximity and relationships with primary schools to ensure children feel comfortable and confident with the school environment before they make their transition to prep.

Our excursions to the school are practical lessons in confidence building. We learn how to use the water bubblers, what all the signs in the school mean, what a classroom looks like, where mum and dad will pick them up, where they can run and where they have to walk, where the toilets are and lots of other information that build their understanding and confidence in the larger, school environment.

These excursions are great fun for the children and also allow our teachers to observe the way the children respond to the different environment. Our teachers can then work one-on-one to build each child’s confidence in different ways.

"Our kindergarten offers an amazing program which helps with the transition to prep and I have been beyond impressed with all aspects of the centre. I love the interaction that the kindergarten has with the school including visits to the church, library and prep."

Gabrielle, St Anthony’s Kindergarten