St Cecilia’s new playground, where friendships flourish

Catholic Early EdCare services provide children with plenty of opportunities to explore, discover and connect outdoors.

  • 19 March 2024

Set in a heritage-listed school building with large, wrap around verandas, the old world charm of St Cecilia’s Long Day Care + Kindergarten at Hamilton has long been a drawcard for families. Now a brand new playground, purposefully designed to foster imaginative play, has further set the service apart. 

With a climbing cubby house, slide, bike track, monkey bars and climbing equipment, the new playground has quickly become the centrepiece for outdoor play since opening in February. Families and friends gathered for an afternoon of fun, face painting, playtime, and plenty of laughter to celebrate the new space. 

St Ceclia’s Director Kim said the open-ended nature of the playground encouraged children to engage their creativity.  

“As educators we love to observe all the different ways children choose to engage with the play equipment,” said Kim. “One day the cubby house will be a pirate ship and the next day, something completely different. It will change according to the individual interests of the children and what has captured their attention on any given day.”  

“We are very fortunate to have a big yard and wide open spaces here,” said Kim. “The outdoor space has always been a sanctuary for all children, as a place where they can play, explore, and build fundamental relationships with peers and educators. It’s here that valuable lessons in cooperation, communication and empathy are learned. Whether its collaborating on a construction project in the sandpit or taking turns on the slide, it’s through shared play experiences that children develop friendships, resolve conflicts, and learn to navigate the complexities of social interaction.  

“Nothing compares to having natural outdoor areas,” said Kim, echoing the sentiments often shared by families. “It’s this emphasis on fostering a connection with nature that has drawn many families to St Cecilia’s.”  

St Cecilia’s Long Day Care + Kindergarten is located opposite Hamilton State School and shares a close relationship with the school, parish and broader community. The kindergarten program runs from 8:45am – 2:45pm, with long day care available for families through every weekday 6am through to 6pm.  

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