Kindergarten is an important time in every child’s life. Our university qualified early childhood teachers run an approved Queensland Government Kindergarten Program.

Kindergarten is an important time in every child’s life. Our teachers will nurture your child’s love of learning throughout their kindergarten year and ensure they develop the skills for a successful transition to prep.

Our stand-alone kindergartens offer an approved Queensland Government Kindergarten Program run by a university-qualified early childhood teacher. At our sessional kindergartens, children complete a five-day fortnight, during school hours and school terms. If these hours aren’t quite right for you, all of our long day care centres also offer an approved kindergarten program, with extra care hours available before and after.

At Catholic Early EdCare we focus on every child as an individual. Our teachers will create learning opportunities based on your child’s interests. And we offer flexible programs that accomodate all developmental stages. This way, we help your child build a strong sense of self, confidence in their abilities and a love of learning that they will take with them to school.

Our kindergartens are at the heart of a broader community. With close ties to our school, parish and local communities we regularly visit and participate in events to help children build diverse relationships and understand their connections to a broader world. Through these experiences our teachers will nurture your child’s growth in accordance with the key developmental areas identified in the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

To be eligible for kindergarten your child must turn four by June 30 of that year.

School transition

Starting prep is an important milestone for your child and family. With most of our kindergartens located alongside primary schools we help ease this transition for our families. Throughout their kindergarten year your child’s confidence with the school environment will continually grow as they make regular visits to the library, school assemblies and liturgies, prep classrooms, book week parades and other celebrations.

On the first day of school there are many new and sometimes overwhelming experiences for children. Our teachers think about the little things they’ll need to know – how to use a water bubbler, where to find the toilets and where mum and dad pick you up. By preparing them for ‘big school’ they can walk into the first day of prep with confidence.

"During kindergarten my children were exposed to all areas of the school environment preparing them for the transition. They felt connected to their peers, teachers and environment."

Alana, St Anthony's Kindergarten

Responding to children

Children have a strong voice in the creation of our kindergarten programs, as we create learning experiences based on their strengths, abilities and interests.

Our teachers look for opportunities to teach foundational literacy, numeracy and science skills based on your child’s current interests. That’s why our kindergarten children in North Brisbane recently had the opportunity to watch a caterpillar grow into a moth. Their teacher saw them watching the caterpillar with keen interest during outdoor play and helped them create a home for it in the classroom. Over the next couple of weeks the children were able to observe it enter its cocoon and emerge as a moth. During this time they learnt about animal life cycles and asked many questions including what other animals have cocoons, how the moth knew it was time to come out and why it couldn’t be a butterfly.

Our teachers support children’s various developmental stages by modifying intentional teaching activities. By getting to know your child our teachers will understand how to best support their growth and development, which may include opportunities for extension or additional support.

"The team at Xavier Kindergarten have instilled in Jake a positive and healthy attitude to learning. They provide a nurturing and stimulating environment which has enabled him to exercise his own initiative and develop his interpersonal skills. Jake is always excited to attend kindergarten, which, as a mother, is a real blessing."

Marrie, Xavier Kindergarten


Our kindergartens offer a subsidised daily fee for kindergarten age children under the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS). This daily fee can be further reduced under QKFS Plus Kindy Support for eligible families. To be eligible a family or child must meet one of the following criteria: