Children have a lot in common, but it’s the sparks of individuality that often shine a light on how they learn and how we can best help them grow. Our educators commit to understanding each child, celebrating their differences and supporting them to develop in ways that suit them best.

With our focus on discovery we give children the freedom to use resources in a way that satisfies their curiosity. Our educators build experiences and co-create environments with children to reflect their current interests. Your child and their new friends will be encouraged to share their individuality so that our educators can help them understand and celebrate differences, challenge stereotypes and explore their interests.

By getting to know children as individuals our educators can ensure they reach their potential and continue to grow in the ways that suit them best.

"I have been very impressed with the personal attention my child receives at St Kevin’s Kindergarten. Both Mrs Nelson and Mrs Winkleman have gotten to know my child and are supporting her to become more confident and independent."

Kirstie, St Kevin's Kindergarten

Understanding differences

One day, one of our children came in with a patch on her eye, which the doctor said she would need to wear for a while. The other children were naturally curious about it, which made her feel self-conscious. We talked to the child about what might help the situation and, when it came to show and tell, she bravely stood in front of the whole group and explained in her own words what it was like wearing the patch every day.

After that we all made patches and tried them on to see how it felt and how it changed the way we did things. Once the children tried the patch and understood that you couldn’t see with it on, they could empathise with her.

After that she never worried about the patch. She felt stronger and for the other children, it was a practical lesson in understanding and respecting other people.

Exploring interests in play

Play comes naturally to children and we believe it is their most important work. So our educators provide a welcoming and safe play environment for babies and toddlers to explore and experiment. They set out different resources including books, musical instruments, building blocks and plush toys, at children’s height, for them to gravitate towards what interests them. Babies will show their level of interest through smiling, imitating and making sounds. Our educators are attuned to their individual personalities and will continue to provide the resources that offer challenges, intrigue and surprise them to support their investigation and share their enjoyment.