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Six important lessons your child will learn at a Catholic Early EdCare Kindergarten

Catholic Early EdCare’s kindergarten program will prepare your child to confidently transition to school.

  • 10 September 2019

Kindergarten is an important time in every child’s life.

As your child transitions into formal education there can be many new and overwhelming experiences. From the little things like how to use a water bubbler, where to find the toilets and where your guardian will pick you up through to the big things such as building resilience, persistence or learning to read and write. Our kindergarten teachers support your child’s growth in line with the key developmental areas identified in the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

Important lessons your child will learn at a Catholic Early EdCare kindergarten include:

Spending time and playing with other children helps overcome shyness, builds self-confidence and empathy. Our educators pay careful attention to how your child socializes and will help them develop important social skills.

We encourage children to take responsibility for their actions so they understand how they impact others. Teaching your child respect for themselves, the people and things around them helps them grow in all kinds of ways.

When the things that are important to us are respected we build confidence. We encourage your child to use language to communicate ideas, feelings and needs and help them develop reading, writing and numeracy skills. Confidence is also improved by positive interactions with other children and teachers.

Our teachers will find out what interests your child and what sparks their imagination so they can create engaging, tailored learning opportunities that meet their individual needs. We encourage independence and offer flexible programs that accommodate all developmental stages. This way, we help your child build a strong sense of self, confidence in their abilities and a love of learning that will take them to school.

We encourage your child to express their ideas and feelings through art, dance and dramatic play. Creativity and curiosity are important tools for how children explore the world around them.

We demonstrate the Catholic values of care, compassion, honesty, kindness and thankfulness through actions and the use of symbols, stories and sharing exercises. Children are innately spiritual and spirituality plays an important role in self-discovery and learning.  We look for opportunities to incorporate all families’ beliefs and traditions in our program.

Our university-qualified early childhood teachers run an approved Queensland Government Kindergarten Program which acknowledges children learn the most from play.

We support your child in their exploration, finding ways to extend their play through meaningful discussion and learning.  For example, at St Anthony’s Kindergarten, Alexandra Hills our teacher Paul took the opportunity to build on the children’s interest in balls and racquets by challenging them to create an obstacle course, out of pipes and get the ball to travel through this obstacle course. This was designed to help them build problem solving and teamwork skills.

Our educators develop individual learning plans for each child, to help your child grow confidently, every day. We will keep you informed of your child’s progress through:

  • informal discussions at drop-off and pick-up times
  • communication books
  • photos of their activities
  • formal discussions, meetings and parent/teacher interviews during the year.

At the end of the kindergarten year you will receive a summary of your child’s learning and development progress in a transition statement, a useful document for when they start school.

By participating in a Catholic Early EdCare kindergarten program your child will be prepared for their transition to school.

Find your nearest Catholic Early EdCare kindergarten or call us to discuss your child’s readiness for kindergarten.