Understanding the changes to child care subsidies

As a result of recent changes to child care subsidies, outside school hours care is now a more affordable option for families.   

  • 22 February 2024

Every day, thousands of children across southeast Queensland enjoy outside school hours care where they participate in fun and challenging experiences, develop friendships through play and extend their learning in a safe and supportive environment. Outside hours school care provides families with the flexibility they need to work in ways that suit them best – and it has never been more affordable.  


Child care subsidies include the cost of Outside School Hours Care services  

As a result of recent changes to child care subsidies, outside school hours care is now a more affordable option for families.   

The changes made by Commonwealth Government in July 2023 were a welcome relief for many Queensland families, including those who rely on Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services provided at BCE schools.  

For families, OSHC is an important complement to children’s experiences at home and school. It might be a warm welcome and a happy start to the day before the morning school bell; or a chance to relax and wind down after a busy day of learning and socialising.  

Whether offering a safe transition to and from school or engaging them in enriching activities during breaks, OSHC fosters the development of social and communication skills while affording parents the opportunity to concentrate on work and other obligations.  

How is eligibility for child care subsidies defined?  

Eligibility for subsidies to help with the cost of OSHC hinges on various factors, such as combined family income and weekly work hours.  

To access the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), families must meet specific criteria:  

  • Care for a child aged 13 or younger, not attending secondary school unless exempted;  
  • Utilise an approved childcare service, such as those offered by Catholic Early EdCare at many BCE schools;  
  • Be responsible for childcare fees; and  
  • Fulfil residency and immunisation requirements.  

Under the new standard CCS rates:  

  • Families earning between $0 to $80,000 per year will receive a subsidy of 90% of their OSHC costs.  
  • For families with incomes above $80,000 and below $530,000 per year, the subsidy percentage decreases by 1% for every $5,000 increase to income.  
  • Families earning $530,000 or more per year are not eligible for child care subsidies.  

For more information and to complete an assessment

Estimate your Child Care Subsidy (CCS), consider factors like family income, hours worked, childcare type, and number of children in care.

Start or update your Child Care Subsidy here. This will guide you through the claim process for new claims, and can also help you update an existing claim or add another child. 

Families interested in accessing OSHC subsidies should speak with their OSHC service provider or visit our Outside School Hours Care service for more information.