Healthy benefits of outdoor play for children

Catholic Early EdCare services provide children with plenty of opportunities to explore, discover and connect in the outdoors.

  • 19 June 2023

Outdoor play is a key focus at Catholic Early EdCare, with services providing children with plenty of opportunities to explore, discover and connect with the natural world.

The natural outdoor play areas at St Mary’s Long Day Care + Kindergarten are thoughtfully designed to ignite children’s creativity and curiosity. The inclusion of different elements such as mud play, sand pits, dry creek beds, trees and gardens creates an immersive environment that stimulates children’s imagination and encourages them to explore, create, and construct. In this dynamic setting, the children are presented with new challenges and opportunities for critical thinking each day.  

The benefits of outdoor play, particularly in natural settings, extends far beyond mere enjoyment.

Research has consistently shown that children who spend time playing outside and engaging with nature experience significant health advantages. The physical health benefits are notable, as outdoor play allows children to engage in more vigorous physical activities compared to indoor play. This active play supports their overall physical fitness, develops muscles and bones, and promotes improved motor skills.  

Furthermore, studies have revealed that spending time in natural settings is associated with supporting children’s regulation and fostering an increased sense of emotional wellbeing.  

Catholic Early EdCare emphasises outdoor play and inclusive spaces, where children not only connect with nature but also actively move their bodies. By exploring the natural world, children become empowered global advocates who appreciate and protect their environment. Encouraging responsibility for their actions, they gain an understanding of how their choices impact others and their surroundings, fostering respect and care. 

To learn more about Catholic Early EdCare’s kindergartens and the nature-based learning, find your nearest kindergarten ortalk to our friendly team.