New 2023 Kindergarten Funding

Understanding how the new Queensland Government funding can make kindergarten more affordable and more accessible for families.

  • 21 February 2023

On 1 January 2023, the Queensland Government introduced new funding for kindergarten, which makes kindergarten more affordable and more accessible for families. The new funding, the Queensland Kindergarten Funding (QKF), replaces the old Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS).  

This article will help you understand the new funding and how it can help make a kindergarten program for your child more affordable.  

Who is eligible to receive the new funding?  

The new funding is for children who attend a 600-hour annual approved kindergarten program – either through a long day care service or a sessional kindergarten. All 25 Catholic Early EdCare kindergarten and long day care services across South East Queensland deliver approved kindergarten programs.  

To benefit from the new funding, your child must turn four years old by 30 June 2023.  

How does the new funding work?  

Just like previous government funding schemes, the new funding is provided directly to Catholic Early EdCare services to assist with the costs of delivering a kindergarten program.   

Catholic Early EdCare will make a financial adjustment to eligible families’ accounts, reducing the amount of out-of-pockets those families need to pay. 

When can my child start kindergarten? 

If your child will turn four by 30 June this year, you should enrol them now. If they will turn four by 30 June next year, you can now enrol them for 2024. Find your nearest kindergartenhere.  

How much can I save?   

Visit the Kindy savings website to check your eligibility and work out how much you can save or talk to our friendly team.  

What are some of the subsidies involved in this new funding? 

Every eligible child that’s enrolled in one of our kindergartens will receive the base subsidy. Families who attend one of our kindergartens should see a reduction in their fees from 2023.   

Depending on your circumstances, some families might be eligible for additional subsidies. These subsidies include: 

Kindy Plus – provides additional financial assistance to eligible families to further reduce the cost of kindergarten. To be eligible for Kindy Plus, you need to meet at least ONE of the following criteria: 

  •  hold a current Australian Government Health Care Card (HCC) with the child named on the card 
  • hold a current Australian Government Pensioner Concession Card (automatic HCC entitlements) 
  • hold a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card or White Card 
  • have formal communication, such as a letter, from the relevant agency stating the intent to issue a Health Care Card 
  • have evidence of formal foster or kinship care arrangements 
  • identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander 
  • have three or more children, of the same age, enrolled in the same year 
  • have a child who is identified as living in a formal child protection out-of-home-care arrangement 
  • are a family and child who have entered Australia under the Australian Government’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program, or is in the process of seeking asylum and holds a temporary visa 

In addition, families who experience temporary financial hardship may be eligible for the Kindy Plus subsidy. 

Family Tax Benefit – Families receiving Family Tax Benefit (FTB) will have access to cheaper kindergarten with the new funding arrangement. Families will need to provide evidence of their Family Tax Benefit status for this subsidy to be applied. 

Will I still receive Child Care Subsidy?  

The new Queensland Government kindergarten funding is in addition to the Australian Government’s Child Care Subsidy.  

Want to know more? 

For more information about fees and subsidies, please talk to your local Catholic Early EdCare kindergarten, and they will provide you with more specific information and advice. 

Kindergarten is an important time in every child’s life. At Catholic Early EdCare, our teachers will nurture your child’s love of learning and ensure they develop the skills for a successful transition to prep. Find your nearest kindergartenhere or talk to our friendly team.