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Hands of Commitment for reconciliation


Under Eights Week highlights strong community connections


Under Eights Week highlights strong community connections as schools and services came together to celebrate play.

The Speedy Sloth, National Simultaneous Storytime 2023


Children from Catholic Early EdCare services have joined millions of students and teachers across the country to read ‘The Speedy Sloth’, as part of 2023 National Simultaneous Storytime. 

Our Lady of the Rosary Kindergarten exceeding


A multi-level outdoor play area and a program that supports sustainable practices has helped earn Our Lady of the Rosary Kindergarten at Kenmore an ‘exceeding’ rating under the National Quality Framework.

New 2023 Kindergarten Funding


Understanding how the new Queensland Government funding can make kindergarten more affordable and more accessible for families.

Gatton children discover power of gratitude


Our Lady of Good Counsel Kindergarten and Outside School Hours Care services work together to help children grow spiritually and discover the power of gratitude.

How to support children with change


Strong relationships and resilience are the key to successful transitions for children. Here are five tips for families to help manage change in their child’s life.

Hands of Commitment for reconciliation


This National Reconciliation Week children contributed hundreds of hands of commitment for reconciliation.

Helping children to grow respectfully and socially


By developing an understanding of their own unique place in the community, and the world around them, children develop a sense of self, as well as respect for others, the community and the planet.

How kindergarten runs in long day care


Both sessional kindergarten and long day care kindergarten provide the same approved kindergarten program, delivered by qualified early childhood teachers, but long day care kindergarten comes with some unique advantages.

Helping children grow spiritually


We respect and nurture the individual spirituality of all children within our care. In all of our centres, we acknowledge and celebrate all faiths, mark special days and learn about different religions throughout the year.

What a day in the nursery is like for babies and toddlers

Long Day Care

From activities and learning, to healthy food and rest time, a day in the nursery delivers everything your child needs to develop and grow.

Getting settled in the nursery

Long Day Care

Our educators are dedicated to ensuring the introduction to the nursery is smooth and enjoyable for children and parents.

Why developing social skills is important for young children


In this article we look at the importance of developing a range of social skills from a young age, to equip children with the skills they’ll need later in life.

What Christmas means to me in 2020


As we approach the end of the year we asked children and educators to reflect on, 'What Christmas means to me in 2020'.

The meaning and spirit of Christmas


As we celebrate Advent and approach the Christmas season this year, it is perhaps more important than ever to embrace the joy of Christmas and share with children the meaning and spirit of the season.

Celebrating inclusion during Book Week


During book week, we are celebrating differences by dressing up as Bear who has been diagnosed with ASD and his mother wrote a children’s book about his experiences.

Practicing care and kindness


The children’s story, ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ has inspired a kindness project in kindergarten prompting children to consider how their words and actions impact others.

Preparing for prep – kindergarten 2021


The first five years of a child’s life are a critical time in their development and what they learn in kindergarten will help them flourish through their prep and primary school education.