What a day in the nursery is like for babies and toddlers

From activities and learning, to healthy food and rest time, a day in the nursery delivers everything your child needs to develop and grow.

  • 22 April 2021

Participating in a nursery program for the first time can be a daunting experience for both children and parents. Fortunately, there are a number of things we do to ensure children’s time in the nursery is a comfortable, happy and educational experience.

From activities and learning, to healthy eating and the all-important rest time, a day in the nursery responds to the many ways your child will develop and grow in their early months and years. In this article, we look at what a day in the nursery might be like for babies and toddlers.

A typical day in the nursery

With babies as young as six weeks in the nursery, settling into a routine is important. However, we also know that with babies and toddlers, no two days are ever the same.

We don’t stick to a rigid daily schedule, but rather respond to the individual needs of each child. If they’re tired and need to sleep longer, they can, and if they want to play on their own, or with the other children, we’ll make that happen.

Connecting with parents, both at the beginning of a child’s nursery journey, as well as each day during drop-off and pick-up, helps educators understand how a child is feeling and what they may need throughout the day.

We make notes about when they need a bottle, how much sleep they have had and when they’ll need to rest. Read more about how we settle children into the nursery in our article, Getting settled in the nursery.

Learn and grow every day

At Catholic Early EdCare we believe play is critical for learning and development. Each day, children in the nursery will have time to play, either on their own or with the other children. We make time for both indoor and outdoor play, depending on the weather. Outdoor play is a perfect opportunity for the babies and toddlers to mix with the other children, make new friends and also play with siblings who may be at the centre.

To make play an educational experience, the educators will incorporate a range of sensory activities, including blocks, and sandpit play. We help children develop their fine motor skills through exploration of different colours and textures. There’s also fun with songs, music, reading and storytelling, all of which help develop early language skills and provide new opportunities for children to create and explore every day.

Importantly, all of our educators are TAFE or university trained, so they can support your child to develop foundational skills and learn through play, in line with the Early Years Learning Framework.

The importance of sleep and rest

Sleep and rest time is an important part of the day. We support children to nap on their schedule, and we are flexible to their changing needs from one day to the next. In the nursery, children are constantly monitored by an educator, rather than at intervals, to ensure they are resting comfortably. All of our nurseries have large windows for monitoring the children, and cots on wheels for added flexibility.

You can read more about our Sleep and Rest Policy here.

Eating well

We are committed to providing healthy snacks and meals throughout the day to keep children nourished and full of energy. Most Catholic Early EdCare centres provide food daily, and cater to all dietary requirements.

Children enjoy morning and afternoon tea snacks including fruit, veggie sticks, savoury muffins, cheese and crackers. Lunches range from sandwiches to stir fry, chicken pasta, meatballs, and tuna bake.

The Catholic Early EdCare difference

We focus on respect in our approach to caring for children, driven by our catholic values. Each child has a dedicated educator who is a constant presence in the child’s day. This allows our team to really bond with every child and become attune to their unique needs.

"They can notice subtle cues, and make adjustments to the daily routine that may be necessary to ensure that every day is an opportunity to learn and grow."

The early years are a critical time in a child’s development. At Catholic Early EdCare long day care centres we work with families to help their children grow and develop from six weeks of age. Find out more about our nursery and long day care on our website.