Celebrating inclusion during Book Week

During book week, we are celebrating differences by dressing up as Bear who has been diagnosed with ASD and his mother wrote a children’s book about his experiences.

  • 21 October 2020

This week as part of Book Week we have been celebrating differences at St Augustine’s Long Day Care + Kindergarten, Augustine Heights.

The mother of one of our pre-kindergarten children has written a children’s book about her son Bear’s experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder, called ‘A Boy Named Bear’. The book has become a great resource for educators to teach the children at St Augustine’s about inclusion. Through the book and hearing Bear’s story the children are developing their appreciation for how we are all different and that our differences should be celebrated. The older children have impressed their educators with the way they have embraced Bear’s differences and continue to look for ways to support him to be involved in their learning and play.

To launch Book Week on Monday 19th October all of the children and educators at St Augustine’s dressed as Bear to highlight this important book and the story it tells.  Check out the photos below to see all the Bears.