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    8:30am - 2:45pm

Conveniently located at St Kevin’s Primary School your child will benefit from our close relationship with the school. Each Wednesday children visit the school library to borrow books and your child will be given responsibility for caring for and returning these books. Our school visits also include the prep classrooms, playgrounds and attending school events such as sports carnivals and assemblies. During each visit your child will become more familiar with the school grounds and learn new skills such as how to use the water bubblers. Our educators will watch your child’s confidence grow as they become part of our broader school and parish community and prepare for school.

Our team are experienced at developing close relationships with local families. We know that each child is unique and learns differently, so our educators will spend time getting to know your child and family so we can create experiences that capture their interest and help them build new skills.

At St Kevin’s Kindergarten we offer a Queensland Government approved kindergarten program taught by a university qualified early childhood teacher. As a sessional kindergarten children complete a five-day fortnight, during school hours and school terms.

"St Kevin’s Kindergarten is special place where kids can dream and learn and play. The indoor outdoor environment provides a beautiful setting and this little kindy is big on nurturing the needs of each child and celebrating their personalities so that they are confident little Prep kids. We are very grateful for all that has been provided."


The ‘Three Little Pigs’ reimagined

At our storytelling sessions, we breathe new life into, ‘The Three Little Pigs’. At the centre of our story are three houses the children have created from found materials: straw, ice cream sticks, paper and cardboard squares.

As the story unfolds, the children immerse themselves in the tale, enjoying their roles as animal characters and even taking on the challenge of being the big bad wolf, attempting to huff and puff the houses down. We encourage them to become storytellers by asking, ‘What happens next?’.

Each storytelling session is an opportunity for the children to participate, using their imagination and creativity to experience a familiar tale in a new way.

Learning Yugambeh language

At St Kevin’s the children learn about the Yugambeh language, the language of the First Nations people of our local area. A Yugambeb Elder visits and together we read dreamtime stories; learn traditional nursery rhymes, animal, insect and bush names; how to count in Yugambeh and how to greet each other with Yugambeh phrases. We talk about the ways we are connected to Kombumerri country and enjoy playing traditional Indigenous games.

We also seek to use elements of Yugambeh language in our daily activities. We begin the day in a yarning circle and greet one another with Baungull Bujera (good morning) or Jingeri (welcome). The children also enjoy being educators, teaching their parents and carers the phrases they have learned.

Our engagement with First Nations’ culture and language is an important opportunity for the children to grow respectfully, developing an understanding and appreciation of cultural differences.

Nurturing social skills

At group time the children practice vital social skills such as collaboration, cooperation, patience and turn-taking. Engaging in imaginative play and crafting their own games and play areas, children grow in creativity and confidence.

Meet Our Staff

Michelle Nelson

Kindergarten Teacher

I’ve been an early ed teacher for:
Over 28 years.
My favourite thing about being an early ed teacher is:
Supporting children through new experiences/challenges and celebrating with children their achievements and pride in their accomplishments.
Something I like to tell all mums and dads is:
Play based programs provide opportunities for young children to learn best as they are active participants. Children need chances to interact with others and opportunities to explore and experiment with real materials. Play whether planned by a teacher or instigated by children encourages these types of experiences, which is why it such an effective tool for teaching children.
My favourite way to relax is:
Spending time with my family (dinner, picnics and special events), walking my dog Jack, exercising with friends.

Current Fee Schedule

Fees are reviewed annually and may be increased each year. Quality care for children, affordability for families and financial viability of the service are the key elements in determining fees.