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St Augustine’s Long Day Care + Kindergarten

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    6:30am - 6:00pm

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    8:30am - 2:45pm

Located in a peaceful setting, and featuring an expansive outdoor play area, St Augustine’s provides children with a unique learning environment that encourages creativity and exploration. We believe each child is unique and learns differently, so our educators will spend time getting to know your child and family so we can create programs that reflect the way they will socialise, learn and grow.

We are located at St Augustine’s College and your child will benefit from our close relationship with the school. In kindergarten children make weekly visits to the school library to borrow books and your child will be given responsibility for caring for and returning these books. They also enjoy visits to the prep classrooms and participating in school events including under 8’s day. During each visit your child will become more familiar with the school grounds and learn new skills such as how to use the water bubblers, where to find the toilets and the difference between the senior and junior schools. Our educators will watch your child’s confidence grow as they become part of our broader school and parish community and prepare for prep.

At St Augustine’s we care for children from six weeks and offer a Queensland Government approved kindergarten program for children in the year before prep. We are conveniently located within five minutes of the Centenary Highway and Springfield Central Station off Augusta Parkway. We supply all meals, wipes, sunscreen, hats and cot linen. All you need to bring is nappies and a spare change of clothes. We offer nutritious, age-specific meals for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. All meals are prepared on site daily by our cook and approved by nutrition Australia. We are supportive of special dietary requirements and encourage families to discuss their child’s needs with us.

"We are so appreciative of all the wonderful learning experiences and fun activities you create each and every day. The impact you have had on Harvey's learning is evident when he recounts different experiences and proudly showcases his creations and demonstrates new ideas and language. He loves his time at the centre which is a testament to the positive environment you have created. Thank you again for the work you do - you are so appreciated! "

Jo and Ben

Creating together

During group time, children engage in a wide variety of activities that foster the development of social skills. Participating in a collaborative setting, the children are  encouraged to work together, promoting cooperation, patience, and the art of taking turns. Children create their own games and play spaces by selecting and combining all kinds loose play equipment, giving them the opportunity to explore, experiment, and learn through play. 

Nurturing creativity and confidence

Your child is encouraged to freely express their ideas throughout the day. We provide materials, such as paint, pencils, collage, and construction tools, to spark their creativity, while also delving into early literacy and numeracy concepts. By asking thought-provoking questions and giving children the opportunity to discuss their creations, we nurture self-expression and social skills. 

Meet Our Staff


Kindergarten Teacher

I’ve been an early ed teacher for:
More than 10 years.
My favourite thing about being an early ed teacher is:
Dedicating my professional life to helping children grow into competent, responsible learners. I have a personal interest and passion for helping young children grasp new life skills and achieving success through their formative years.
Something I like to tell all mums and dads is:
That their children have achieved something great today, particularly if it has taken a period of time to achieve.
My favourite way to relax is:
I like to cook and bake during my free time and try out new recipes.

Current Fee Schedule

Fees are reviewed annually and may be increased each year. Quality care for children, affordability for families and financial viability of the service are the key elements in determining fees.