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    8:30am - 2:45pm

Conveniently located at Xavier Catholic College, your child will benefit from our close relationship with the school. Our children make weekly visits to the school library to borrow books and your child will be given responsibility for caring for and returning these books. They also enjoy visits to the prep classrooms and playgrounds, attending school events including sports carnivals and liturgies. During each visit your child will become more familiar with the school grounds and learn new skills such as how to use the water bubblers. Our educators will watch your child’s confidence grow as they become part of our broader school and parish community and prepare for school.

At Xavier we offer a Queensland Government approved kindergarten program taught by a university qualified early childhood teacher. As a sessional kindergarten children complete a five-day fortnight, during school hours and school terms.

"The educators have created a fun, welcoming and safe environment where Til is encouraged and supported to learn and grow, a place where she feels a true sense of belonging and gets totally bummed when "there's no kindy today". I can only imagine the challenges you face each day and you conquer it all with a smile on your dial and an activity to share. "


Active adventures  

The children enjoy teaming up for outdoor play. While they enjoy their game, they’re learning how to work together, taking turns, leading and following. 

Exploring spirituality with our campus minister

Each week Xavier College Campus Minister, Mrs Donnolly, visits the children providing an opportunity for them to explore their spirituality. Mrs Donnolly spends a lot of time discussing the fruits of the Holy Spirit with the children. Each week they focus on a different fruit from kindness to joy to faithfulness or one of the many others. Together they sing songs, read stories and discuss what these values mean to them. The children are encouraged to think about how they can share those values with others each and every day.

Building friendships 

Away from home, children have new opportunities to learn about friendship and emotions. We actively supporting them in making new friends, having fun, and navigating conflicts and healthy competition. Our focus on respect, communication and individuality helps lay the foundations for social development, confidence and positive relationships. 

Meet Our Staff

Melissa Piggott

Kindergarten Teacher

I’ve been an early ed teacher for:
12 years.
My favourite thing about being an early ed teacher is:
Seeing the children grow in all areas of their development and the way the children remind me to enjoy the small things in life for example watching a lady beetle crawl along a leaf. 
Something I like to tell all mums and dads is:
Every child is like a butterfly; they are all unique and will fly when they are ready.
My favourite way to relax is:
Exploring the outdoors with my family. 

Current Fee Schedule

Fees are reviewed annually and may be increased each year. Quality care for children, affordability for families and financial viability of the service are the key elements in determining fees.