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    8:30am - 2:45pm

Conveniently located at St Benedict’s Primary School and College your child will benefit from our close relationship with the school. Our children make weekly visits to the school library for reading with their grade two buddies and when we return choose a book to borrow from our kindergarten library, which they are given responsibility for caring for and returning, as preparation for school. They also enjoy visits to the prep classrooms, playgrounds and attend school events including sports carnivals and assemblies. During each visit your child will become more familiar with the school grounds and learn new skills such as how to use the water bubblers. Our educators will watch your child’s confidence grow as they become part of our broader school and parish community and prepare for school.

At St Benedict’s we believe each child is unique and learns differently, so our team will spend time getting to know your child and family so we can create engaging learning experiences that capture their interest and help them build new skills.

We offer a Queensland Government approved kindergarten program taught by a university qualified early childhood teacher. As a sessional kindergarten children complete a five-day fortnight, during school hours and school terms.

Growing our own vegetables

In our outdoor play environment children foster a connection to the natural world by building their own vegetable gardens. The children select a range of fruits and vegetables to plant in the garden and care for throughout the year. At different times they harvest their crop and make delicious snacks to share as a group. Through these experience the children begin to understand where our food comes from and the importance of caring for our environment

Morning reflection

As we gather each day for group time we take a moment to reflect and give thanks. Together we have learnt a song that we sing and then spend a few moments reflecting on what we have and are thankful for. Children are encouraged to participate in this experience in their own way, but it is a moment in their day where we encourage them to knowingly or unknowingly connect with their spirituality.

Library visits

Each fortnight we visit the library with our grade two reading buddies. The children partner up and select books for their buddy to read with them. This is an opportunity for the children to build diverse relationships and for those attending St Benedict’s school to start building friendships in the community. The walk from our kindergarten room to the library is a big one for the children, so we often stop to explore and look for animals in the bush area or watch the older children play sports. These visits are a great opportunity for the children to see how they are part of a bigger community and they love making friends with the ‘big kids’.