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We are excited to have opened the doors to our kindergarten and outside school hours care service on the Good Samaritan College site in 2019.

At Good Samaritan Kindergarten + Outside School Hours Care we believe each child is unique and learns differently, so our educators will spend time getting to know your child and family so that we can create engaging learning experiences that capture their interest and help them build new skills.

We offer a Queensland Government approved sessional kindergarten program. This program is is taught by a university qualified early childhood teacher and children complete a five-day fortnight, during school hours and school terms. Before and after kindergarten care is also available for all children.

In kindergarten your child will benefit from our close relationship with the school. They will enjoy visits to the school library, prep classrooms and playgrounds and attending school events. During each visit your child will become more familiar with the school grounds and learn new skills such as how to use the water bubblers, where they have to walk and where they can run and where to find the toilets. Our educators will watch your child’s confidence grow as they become part of our broader school and parish community and prepare for school.

Our outside school hours care offers before and after school care for children from kindergarten to grade six. We offer a flexible and child initiated program with educators incorporating children’s ideas, cultures and interests when planning each day’s experiences. Our team will drop off and collect children from Good Samaritan College each day. Children are offered a healthy breakfast and after school snacks, which they help prepare.

Exploring bugs

When one of our children found a grasshopper in his garden he created a home for it and brought it in for show and share. Bravely standing up in front of the group he described to the class how he found and caught the grasshopper. The children were very interested to learn about bugs so together we read ‘A bug called Doug’ learning much about bugs. Once the children had learned about bugs they each made their own bugs in the craft area.

Exploring colours

In kindergarten children explore colours and experiment to see how colours change when mixed together. The children formed groups and then added different food colouring to bowls of milk and observed the changes that occured as each new colour was added. The children also experimented with lollies by creating shapes out of skittles and then gently covering these with water. The children watched as the water drew out the colour from the skittles and guessed what would happen when two colours collided. Finally, the children explored water colour paints mixing different shapes of paint to create their own colours.

Making playdough

In our craft spaces the children enjoy playing with playdough, that they make themselves. Playdough is a wonderful tool for helping the children to explore their own creativity as they imagine new things everyday, making everything from people and animals to cakes and ice creams. This play is also a fun way of exploring early science. Each time the children make the playdough they have to follow a recipe, measure out each of the ingredients and get to experiment with colour mixing.